Pay on your terms

Ramp Flex lets you manage your domestic and global cash flows, pay your vendors when you want, and keep them happy.
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Let Ramp pay your vendor today.
Pay Ramp back later.

Bill payment workflow. ACH Direct Deposit is selected, above the Flex option to pay it in 30 days for a 1% fee.

Manage cash flow in seconds

Hassle-free extension
Extend your local and global payment terms directly within Ramp Bill Pay, no admin work needed.
A consolidated view
See everything you need to manage spend in one place. A single screen for Flex, cards, global bill payments and reimbursements.
Screenshot of menu showing Crds, Bill Pay, Flex and Reimbursements
Consistent controls
Use the same Bill Pay approval settings across your entire company.
Approval workflow. The request from one employee has been approved once and is still waiting for review by the last person.
All the integrations
Streamline bill payments with your preferred accounting, collaboration, and security software.
The Ramp icon in the center of many rings, each with a few smaller icons depicting merchant logos, like SAP and Xero.

Transparency at every stage

Ramp Flex extension examples. 30 days for 1% fee, 60 days for 2% fee, or 90 days for 3% fee.

Upfront fees

Know what and when you’ll pay with Flex, ahead of time.
Ramp Flex balance currently at $400,000. Available to Flex, $670,000.  Option to request a higher limit

Limits that scale

Set dynamically, your Flex limit will grow with you.