Business expense cards: simplify spending

Keep your company’s spending under control with Ramp’s business expense cards, that are easy to manage for both employees and admins. Streamline expense management, optimize budgets, and gain real-time insights—all from a single, intuitive platform.
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Instantly issue business expense cards teamwide

If an employee needs an expense card, Ramp is ready immediately. Provide quick access to funds, streamlining the purchasing process and removing hassles. All while remaining in control.

Customizable employee expense cards

Create personalized spending limits for each employee’s card in just a few clicks, and adjust budgets as needed.

Manage spend in real time

Gain complete visibility into every transaction as it happens. With real-time notifications and detailed insights, Ramp’s platform ensures you stay on top of all your company’s spending.

Never miss an expense

Never overlook an expense again. It’s easier than ever to maintain an organized overview of all company spending across all of your employees' expense cards—keeping your financial records accurate and up-to-date.

Spend responsibly from day one

Businesses can unlock an average of 5% savings on all their spending with Ramp's corporate expense cards. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, make smarter financial decisions and drive growth.

Manage all your finances from one place

Manage and track employee expense cards in the same place. Effortlessly issue and monitor cards, optimize budgets, and reconcile expenses—all from one user-friendly platform

Seamlessly integrate with existing software

Connect your expense cards with accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage to consolidate data. Experience real-time expense reconciliation, simplify financial management and boost efficiency.


What are business expense cards?
Business expense cards are provided by companies to their employees for managing business-related purchases. They streamline and control company spending efficiently.
What are the benefits of using business expense cards?

Business expense cards offer real-time spend tracking, customizable limits, enhanced security, and streamlined approval processes. They simplify accounting by automating expense reporting and integrating with financial software. Additionally, they improve financial oversight, reduce fraud risk, and make managing employee expenses easier, leading to better budget control and overall financial efficiency.

How do Ramp’s corporate expense cards work?

Ramp's corporate expense cards allow employees to make purchases within set limits, tracked in real time. The spending data integrates seamlessly with your financial system, simplifying reconciliation. Employees can easily upload receipts instead of using their own money. Available in both virtual and physical formats, these cards make the reimbursement process more efficient and promote transparency and accountability in corporate spending.

Can I set spending limits on Ramp business expense cards?

Yes, you can set custom spending limits for each card and employee, helping to control expenses and ensure spending aligns with company policies.

How secure are Ramp business expense cards?

Ramp business expense cards are highly secure, featuring real-time tracking, customizable spending limits, and advanced fraud detection. They use end-to-end encryption and integrate seamlessly with your financial systems, ensuring maximum protection for your transactions.

Can Ramp business expense cards be used for daily transactions?

Yes, Ramp business expense cards can be used for daily transactions as well as for other business needs, providing versatility in managing company expenses.