How Ramp helped Webflow lay a foundation for sustained growth

reduction in credit card reconciliation time
The problem
Webflow’s fragmented, inefficient spend management system stalled employee onboarding
Webflow is in a growth period, and as such controls and visibility surrounding spend are critically important.

“We live in an environment right now where the whole P&L matters,” explains Ivan Makarov, VP of Finance. “We are concerned about both costs and growth efficiency.” Webflow’s existing spend management system, which was comprised of a corporate credit card platform coupled with multiple spreadsheets, offered neither efficiency nor granular insights into how the company was balancing growth and costs.

Ivan identified three overarching needs for his team: comprehensive visibility into corporate spend, ease of access to real-time spend data, and deep analysis into spend categories. Those needs were particularly critical as Webflow added large volumes of new remote-first employees who needed immediate access to well-controlled, easy-to-use credit cards. Webflow’s current system could not meet those needs.
Company name
About the company
Webflow is a cloud-based platform that enables users to design custom, professional-looking websites, no code required.
The solution
An automated, easy-to-use platform that efficiently onboards new employees

Webflow partnered with Ramp to deploy an automated, user-friendly platform that would enable the finance team to control spend easily and issue cards to an ever-growing number of employees. This holistic view aligns with Ivan’s vision for the entire department, which is to leverage products and platforms rather than a number of fragmented point solutions.

“One of the great things with Ramp was that we constantly had new people—not just in finance, but across all teams,” explains Ivan. “It was crucial that we work with a platform that had a very easy solution to onboard new teams, issue cards, and do all the many things you do, but do it fast and also in a remote-first environment.”

Getting started with Ramp was simple. “There was zero learning curve when we started using the product,” says Ivan. “It was really easy, very intuitive. The UI is great. Everybody who lands [in Ramp] knows exactly where to go, and they’re able to find things because it is simple, unlike a lot of other banking software.”

The result
Faster growth, better control, and deeper visibility

The ease and benefit of using Ramp extended beyond getting set up on the platform. Right away, Ramp enabled the finance team to offer real value to colleagues across the organization—which is helpful for a fully-remote team that frequently onboards new employees around the world.

“This product allows us to enable our employees to be full-time right away,” says Ivan. “It allows us to onboard people quicker, it allows us to get them the tools they need, which in many cases they need to be able to spend in order to grow.”

Ramp helps new employees feel immediately welcome. “I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from new team members about their experience onboarding with Ramp,” says Sheila Ellis, Assistant Controller. “They are invited to the platform and on that same day, they get a card and they’re able to start their work.”

Ramp makes it easier for all types of employees to spend, and it commensurately facilitates the management of that spend by the finance team. Before implementing Ramp, coding credit card transactions was a cumbersome, time-consuming process. Ramp has reduced time spent on card reconciliation by 75%, from 32 hours to just 8 hours a month. Ramp also automatically identifies opportunities to reduce duplicate spend or find a lower price—all of which saves the team time and money.

“By being able to control what’s going on Ramp, we’re able to really make sure we’re going through the correct processes and securing the right price,” says Sheila. Sheila and her team feel confident in the process Ramp has facilitated.

Ultimately, Ramp helps the finance team add real value beyond coding and accounting. The platform saves Webflow time, enables consistent improvement, and finds opportunities to cut costs.

“It’s really nice to be able to help problem-solve in accounting and finance,” says Sheila. “I feel like I can do that with Ramp all the time.”

Implementing Ramp has empowered Webflow to double its workforce from 300 to 600 employees—all while laying a solid foundation for future growth. “When you’re a growing company, you need to be scaling with products that can scale with you,” says Ivan. “As we evolve, Ramp also continues to evolve and serve the needs of a bigger company.”

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