January 10, 2024

Price Intelligence feature: Your gateway to transparent SaaS pricing

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Table of contents

Navigating SaaS options and their pricing can often feel like wading through murky waters. That's where Ramp steps in with our new Price Intelligence Chrome Extension feature. Designed to bring clarity and transparency to SaaS pricing, this tool is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes.

Maximizing the benefits of the Price Intelligence Chrome Extension feature

Transparency at your fingertips: The extension leverages Ramp’s vast data on SaaS transactions to provide real-time, average pricing information. This feature helps you understand market pricing trends, ensuring you're never in the dark about how much you should be paying.

Easy integration: Simply add to your browser and the extension activates when you visit a SaaS product page. Instantly, you'll see a non-intrusive display of price benchmarking by similar businesses for the service.

Informed decisions: Empower your negotiations with data-driven insights. Knowing the average market price for a SaaS product puts you in a stronger position to negotiate better deals, leading to significant cost savings and price optimization.

A step towards smarter spending: This extension is part of Ramp's commitment to helping businesses spend smarter. By providing key insights into SaaS spending, we're helping our customers invest their resources wisely.

How to add the Price Intelligence Chrome Extension feature 

1. Install the Ramp Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Browse the SaaS website you’re shopping for.

3. See the pricing intelligence work instantly on the product page.

How does Ramp’s Price Intelligence work?

When customers upload documentation (e.g., contracts, invoices and receipts) or make payment transactions, we extract and process associated data, like the amounts paid, products purchased and payment terms. We then apply a variety of machine and human analysis, including large language models developed by OpenAI, to generate Price Intelligence. While we take steps to validate and produce accurate Price Intelligence, our analysis may be based on incomplete or outdated data and we may generate misleading or incorrect information.

The Ramp Price Intelligence Chrome Extension feature is your partner in ensuring financial efficiency and smart decision-making. Embrace the power of data and transparency—try our extension today and experience a new era of SaaS purchasing.

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