What is Ramp?

Ramp is the finance automation platform uniquely designed to save businesses their most valuable resources—time and money. By integrating corporate cards with refreshingly modern software to manage all non-payroll spend, Ramp turns typically painful finance processes into an effortless and delightful experience.
Companies like Webflow, Applied Intuition, and Stanley Steemer use Ramp to automate expenses, payments, accounting, and reporting. By closing their books 8 days faster each month and saving their businesses millions of dollars each year, leading companies are using Ramp to build a world where finance teams become more strategic and lean. As a result the entire business moves faster.
Ramp’s finance automation platform saves time and money, so finance teams are freed from outdated tools and processes and can help the whole company focus on what matters most—their core business. Ramp does the rest.
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This company uses generative AI to generate savings for businesses

More than 10,000 businesses have signed up for spend management platform Ramp over the past year. That growth helped quadruple Ramp’s annualized revenue, which topped $300 million in 2023. Strong demand also positioned Ramp to close a $300 million Series D round in August 2023, at a time when many startups were fighting for survival. Business customers are drawn to Ramp for its clever AI integrations and clear-eyed focus on saving finance teams time and money.
Fast Company, March 2024

Ramp CEO says the fintech startup is just scratching the surface

Ramp cofounder and CEO Eric Glyman joins TechCrunch FOUND to discuss the fintech's rapid growth, how Ramp thinks about scaling and expanding into new categories, and lessons learned as a second-time founder.
TechCrunch, March 2024

How Ramp's CEO Built And Leads The Nearly $6 Billion Startup

Ramp co-founder and CEO Eric Glyman sits down with Forbes Assistant Managing Editor Steven Bertoni to talk about building the fintech unicorn, and evolving as its leader.
Forbes, March 2024

Fintech Ramp acquires another AI-powered startup

The acquisition makes sense considering that last summer, Ramp announced that it was entering the procurement space as it focused more on “complex” enterprises. “Our plans are to grow this segment and serve more businesses with simple software that transforms a clunky, slow, and painful process into an efficient and organized one,” Glyman said. “This way, we’re enabling customers to put money movement at the center of their decision-making and helping them build stronger, more sustainable businesses for the long-term.” Today, Ramp claims to power over $10 billion in accounts payable spend each year, a 10x increase in just over two years, execs say.
TechCrunch, January 2024

These 20-something entrepreneurs needed less than a year to sell their company to Ramp

Since the sale, TK Kong, Young Kim, and Kevin Chan have joined Ramp as part of its procurement team. Kong, who leads the unit, has spent the months since the acquisition building out Venue, which is part of Ramp Plus. Improvements to Ramp Plus include purchase order enhancements, collaboration tools, and an activity feed. For Ramp, Venue was the company’s third acquisition and its fastest deal. “This is one of our larger new bets, and we see it growing very materially over the next two years,” Glyman said. “Great companies are bought, not sold.”
Fortune, January 2024

Ramp taps AI as fintech hunts for growth

Ramp says its plug-in with Copilot for Microsoft 365 means businesses don’t have to bounce between multiple tools and applications to gather spend insights or set up advanced controls. “Now they can use natural language to access Ramp’s smart AI assistant from their workspace and get the most advanced work done faster,” said Ramp CEO and co-founder Eric Glyman.
TechCrunch, November 2023

Corporate card startup Ramp integrates with Microsoft Teams and 365 Copilot

Now, employees who use the Microsoft messaging app, even on mobile, can find expense-related information right at their fingertips and have their questions answered by a knowledgable AI assistant. The Ramp integration in Teams and Microsoft 365 Copilot also includes interactive actions, such as approvals, that Ramp customer administrators can set up. That way, if an employee asks for approval on an expense, the Ramp bot can verify that the expense is in line with the company’s policy and approve it right within Teams. “When the chance appeared to integrate into the Copilot ecosystem, we were really excited because we saw this as a very intuitive way to not just do things effortlessly, but to extend Ramp’s capabilities…to where people work,” CEO Eric Glyman told VentureBeat.
VentureBeat, November 2023

This fintech upstart doing $300 million a year in revenue is the top startup in the U.S., according to LinkedIn data

It used to be that when employees swiped their corporate credit cards, it wasn’t connected to software that the finance team could immediately access. Enter Ramp. At four and a half years old, the fast-growing fintech company leads the LinkedIn Top Startups 2023 list, a data-driven ranking of the young businesses where U.S. professionals most want to work. Ramp’s model has attracted high-profile customers such as Eventbrite, Discord, Glossier and Shopify. The Finance Files sat down with Glyman, Ramp’s CEO, to discuss what makes this fintech upstart so appealing to customers, investors and employees.
Linkedin, September 2023

Eric Glyman, Ramp CEO: A Fortt Knox Conversation

Ramp CEO Eric Glyman speaks with CNBC's Jon Fortt about the fintech landscape for businesses, Ramp's latest funding round, and Eric's entrepreneurial journey.
Fortt Knox, September 2023

Latest Funding Round Was an Opportunistic Raise: Ramp CEO

Ramp CEO Eric Glyman discusses why the firm raised $300 million from investors at a $5.8 billion valuation. He speaks with Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow on "Bloomberg Technology."
Bloomberg Technology, August 2023

Finance Platform Ramp Raises Funds at $5.8 Billion Value

Ramp has surpassed $300 million in annualized revenue, a metric that multiplies the current month’s revenue 12 times, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Eric Glyman said in an interview with Bloomberg News. Ramp’s pitch to customers is that their incentives are aligned. The firm, which offers a corporate card, says that it helps customers reduce spending, unlike some credit card businesses. The company recently expanded into procurement software with Ramp Plus. It also acquired Cohere.io, an AI-powered customer support business. Microsoft Corp. CEO Satya Nadella was announced as an investor and adviser. There is still plenty of room for growth because the total addressable market Ramp’s chasing is large, due to the large number of companies with finance departments, Glyman said. We have “99% of the market left to go,” he added.
Bloomberg, August 2023

Velocity over everything: How Ramp became the fastest-growing SaaS startup of all time

Geoff Charles, VP of Product at Ramp has led the product team from the early days, including the development and release of 60+ products and features in the past year alone. In this podcast, he and Lenny discuss how velocity is at the heart of Ramp’s culture and success, Ramp's approach to hiring, problem-solving, and execution, as well as tips on how to break into and succeed in product management.
Lenny's Podcast, August 2023

Fast-growing expense and credit card startup Ramp introduces Ramp Plus, bags Shopify

Hypergrowth could also describe Ramp’s own trajectory, with the company reporting 100% growth in global customers and 83% growth in enterprise customers in the last six months alone. Now with Ramp Plus and Shopify under its belt, the startup is poised to continue its expansion, challenging corporate card stalwarts like American Express and SAP Concur. “We also are the most comprehensive financial operations solution available in the market,” Glyman told VentureBeat. “Ramp is the only company aligning our bottom line with our customers spending less. That’s why we’re seeing industry-leading growth, with the majority of Ramp’s enterprise and midmarket customers in the last 6 months coming from AmEx, Bill, Concur, or Expensify.”
VentureBeat, August 2023

As the generative AI craze rages on, Ramp acquires customer support startup Cohere.io

The company’s automation product was used by teams like Ramp and Deel to generate “high-quality support knowledge” from existing customer interactions, and automatically resolve up to 60% of tickets, the company said. As part of the acquisition, Ramp said all customers will continue to be served “in maintenance mode,” but it will focus its efforts on adapting the LLM-powered automation product to help Ramp customers automate their workflows and better use and understand their spend data.
TechCrunch, June 2023

Fintech Ramp Launches Money Saving AI Tools For Businesses—Announces Microsoft CEO, More As Investors

"For many people going to [software-as-a-service] vendors, it's very hard these days to know that you're getting a great price," Ramp cofounder and CEO Eric Glyman tells Forbes of the company's new AI-powered contract analysis tool. "Often your only resort is to go to a pricing page that may not tell you anything, or ask around." With GPT-4, Ramp can take vendor contracts that businesses upload and automatically pull out details such as pricing and software seats. The service then compares the pricing against anonymized data from the close to $1 billion some 15,000 companies spend on Ramp each month to show how the quoted price compares to market averages on a graph—and say whether it's a good deal. If it's not, Ramp can then go back to vendors and negotiate prices, using their data as leverage...Glyman says he believes Ramp is the first company bringing large-scale pricing data to consumers.
Forbes, May 2023

Ramp to introduce AI tools for tracking business costs

With the introduction of new AI features, corporate finance teams will have improved oversight, Ramp CEO Eric Glyman told Reuters. For instance, companies will be able to better detect unusual employee spending in real time, said Ramp investor Logan Bartlett of Redpoint Ventures.
Reuters, May 2023

Intelligent Money: Fintech's AI Moment

Ramp, a fintech startup that is noted for being one of the fastest-growing companies ever to hit $100M in ARR, is among the fintech frontrunners using automation and machine learning to help customers with expense management, payments, reporting, and more. The upside of automated, intelligent, personalized, and more secure financial services with the help of AI is in reach.
Greymatter, March 2023

Ramp reports 4x revenue growth, says it still has ‘vast majority’ of equity funding

Over time, Ramp said it has helped its customers cut expenses by over $400 million. It counts over 15,000 businesses as customers with “well into hundreds of thousands of users” and is onboarding about 1,000 users per day...“We think that our customers evaluate companies and their character, and what they’ve done, not just at a moment in time, but what they’ve done over the years,” Glyman said. “I think when other players in the market don’t serve companies or change their behavior rapidly, companies will often ask their peers who they recommend.”
TechCrunch, March 2023

This company is making expense reports way less of a hassle

If last year is any indication, Ramp’s product-first, gimmick-free approach has struck a chord, especially with small-business owners. More than 13,000 businesses now use the platform, a threefold increase year over year. Ramp has issued more than 240,000 employee credit cards, providing the company with a steady stream of interchange income. In March 2022, Ramp disclosed that it had reached $100 million in annualized revenue.
Fast Company, March 2023

Ramp rolls out product for accountants

"Ramp said in the blog post announcing the product that it wants to be more than just a vendor, aiming to create genuine partnerships with accounting firms."
Accounting Today, November 2022

Fintech Ramp Surfs Dollar Wave By Helping U.S. Companies Turn To International Markets

"With its international play, Ramp customers—all based in the United States—can now pay vendors in foreign currencies within minutes or reimburse employees in two days or less for out-of-pocket expenses overseas...The push helps expand Ramp’s reach in the $120 trillion payments market as many fintechs struggle... CEO Eric Glyman says, 'Now as the cost of capital keeps going way up, and combined with other challenges, this idea of being more efficient with your spending and time has gone from being nice to a real necessity.'"
Forbes, September 2022

Brex and Ramp’s rivalry is personal

"Ramp [is appealing to] an ethos of humble growth...'If you can help people go home earlier and spend time with their families and do more things for less, I think that should work,' CEO Eric Glyman said."
Protocol, September 2022

New ‘Flex’ Offering For Businesses

"The offering builds upon Ramp’s Bill Pay service, which automates payments by using artificial intelligence to process email invoices in seconds and then approve payments via credit card, ACH or check. Glyman notes Bill Pay is Ramp’s fastest-growing offering yet. After launching last October, it took just six months to surpass $1 billion in annualized volume, less than half the time it took Ramp’s cards to cross that threshold... Glyman says at the rate Bill Pay is growing, it could surpass card volume as soon as next year."
Forbes, August 2022

Fintechs are racing to help businesses pay their bills

“Ramp, a corporate card and spend-management startup, launched a new financing option for its bill-pay product Tuesday that will allow customers to stretch — or "Flex" — payments between 30 and 90 days...Ramp's announcement described it as the first service of its kind where businesses can finance all bills…CEO Eric Glyman anticipates that Flex funding could be particularly useful in helping companies manage expenses such as inventory, especially in an era when supply chain delays are common.”
Protocol, August 2022

Fintech isn’t dead, as Ramp reports accelerating revenue growth

"Corporate management startup Ramp says it has seen its business grow exponentially across all segments in 2022 so far."
TechCrunch, July 2022

Ramp just raised $750 million and is now valued at $8.1 billion. The startup's CEO explains how the fintech is nabbing customers from rivals like Amex and Brex.

"One of the corporate card industry's fastest-growing players just received a boost as it nabs clients from the industry's biggest names like American Express, Capital One, and Silicon Valley Bank."
Insider, March 2022

Payments startup Ramp valued at $8.1 billion in latest funding round

"Ramp has been building its finance platform for businesses, including a corporate card that tracks employees’ expenses and a bill-pay service that’s its fastest-growing product. The company...now handles more than $5 billion of payments volume on its platform annually, with revenue growing almost 10-fold last year."
Bloomberg, March 2022

Ramp confirms new $8.1B valuation after ‘a nearly 10x’ YoY increase in revenue

"Today, more than 5,000 businesses use Ramp, powering over $5 billion in annualized payments volume. Notably, its customer base is up 7x and cardholder growth is up 15x year-over-year. Some of its larger customers spend “in excess of $10 million a month” with Ramp, Glyman said."
TechCrunch, March 2022

The 10 most innovative finance companies of 2022

"Barely a year after its launch, Ramp is the fastest-growing corporate card in the United States. Its 2,000 enterprise customers—from the real estate broker Douglas Elliman to the creative agency Red Antler—use Ramp to consolidate corporate cards, expense management, bill payment, and more into one Slack-integrated platform."
Fast Company, March 2022

Ramp expands into travel as the corporate spend category goes horizontal

"The startup’s goal with the new offering, which will be offered to all existing customers and any new ones at no additional cost, according to Glyman is to help business travelers 'book anywhere' while giving businesses an 'unprecedented level of insight and control over their travel.'"
TechCrunch, Feb 2022

While finance chiefs weigh crypto, unicorn fintech Ramp is adding stablecoins to its balance sheet

"Because the stablecoins have a higher yield, Song says, than, say, an investment-grade corporate bond, that 5% allocation Ramp has made to stablecoins is able to provide it with the same level of returns it would see from a 95% allocation to those bonds."
Fortune, Jan 2022

Corporate card start-up Ramp targets Bill.com with free payments software

"The start-up has grown rapidly this year by offering small and medium-sized businesses a cashback card paired with software that identifies ways clients can save money. Ramp says that transaction volumes have jumped 50% in the two months since the company last raised funds at a $3.9 billion valuation."
CNBC, Oct 2021

University endowments mint billions in golden era of venture capital

"Endowments notched their biggest investment gains in decades, thanks to portfolios boosted by huge VC returns...Corporate credit-card company Ramp, which launched early last year, has raised two rounds of financing already this year, with the company’s valuation rising to nearly $4 billion, an extraordinary run for a two-year-old startup."
Wall Street Journal, Sept 2021

3 questions with…Eric Glyman, CEO, Ramp

“The biggest opportunity in fintech is to turn this upside down and build companies where business incentives are aligned with what's best for the customer.”
Protocol, Sept 2021

Fintech Ramp more than doubles valuation to $3.9 billion, raising $300 million to take on AmEx in massive corporate card market

"Ramp offers a corporate credit card with zero fees, no interest rates and cashback rewards, but it aims to differentiate itself with an expense-management platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze transactions and identify savings opportunities."
Forbes, Aug 2021

The start-ups disrupting the corporate credit card market

"Ramp, which had already started offering cards to a few other start-ups before its public launch in February 2020, now facilitates more than $1bn in annualised transaction volume, which Glyman said makes it the fastest-growing corporate card in the US. 'We’re collapsing a lot of the software processes and doing some of the heavy lifting,' Glyman said. 'An interesting product can be built when we do it that way.'"
Financial Times, May 2021