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Save time and money by understanding the invisible costs of every meeting
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Introducing the Meeting Cost Calculator

Meetings are essential for collaboration and decision-making, but they come at a cost. Our Chrome extension dives deep into your Google Calendar, computing the cost associated with the time spent by attendees in every scheduled gathering. While most organizations grasp the direct costs of meetings, this tool illuminates the often-overlooked expense - your team's precious time. Beyond just the numbers, the extension translates these costs into real-world comparisons, bringing the true price of frequent or lengthy meetings to light.

Time is money, and neither should be wasted

The Meeting Cost Calculator reveals the hidden expenditures of meetings by translating time into monetary value. As organizations increasingly rely on frequent meetings for decision-making and team alignment, understanding these concealed costs becomes paramount. By showcasing the financial equivalent of time spent in meetings, the extension provides organizations with actionable insights to optimize team productivity, allocate resources wisely, and maximize return on time investment.

A new perspective on meeting costs

Increased meetings can often take away from meaningful productivity. The tangible costs of these interruptions, however, are difficult to quantify. By representing these costs both monetarily and in relatable terms—such as equating a meeting's cost to ten annual MicrosoftWord subscriptions— it brings attention to time as a valuable commodity.

Calculated meeting costs and their tangible equivalents put meeting costs into perspective
Meeting costs automatically update as attendees decline invitation
Locally adjust hourly costs to accurately reflect the value of your team’s time

Learn how Ramp strengthens your finances

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“I’ve spent countless hours in meetings, both necessary and the 'could've-been-an-email' type, at various organizations. While meetings vary, their time expense is universal. We built the Calendar Cost Extension with the aim to make everyone re-think before hitting that 'schedule' button, grounding decisions in tangible, sometimes eyebrow-raising metrics. We’re advocating for a reality without calendar audits anymore. Please.”
Emily Her
Growth Associate, Ramp


Can the Calendar Cost Extension be applied to other digital calendars (Apple Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc.)?

Currently, the Calendar Cost Extension is exclusively integrated with Google Calendar. However, we're always evaluating opportunities to enhance our toolset. Based on the success and feedback from the Google Calendar version, we will certainly consider expanding its capabilities to include Outlook in the future.

Can I change the hourly costs of meeting attendees?

Yes, you can adjust the default $100 hourly costs of meeting attendees. Any changes you make will only be reflected locally on your device. This means others won't be aware if you've adjusted your own or others' costs, and it won't affect their meeting cost calculations. At Ramp, user privacy is paramount. All data used to calculate costs remains encrypted and is never shared.

Do I need to be a Ramp customer to use the Calendar Cost Extension?

No, you don't need to be a Ramp customer to use the Calendar Cost Extension. We've made it available for anyone who wants to gain insights into the costs of their meetings. Through the savings you recognize from this extension, we hope you'll see a glimpse of the broader value Ramp can provide for your financial management.

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