Introducing the Ramp verification badge

Ramp is more than just a corporate card—it’s the most efficient way to run your business. However, your newfound efficiency might not be obvious to first-time customers. Introducing the Ramp verification badge, embeddable directly on your website.

Introducing Ramp’s verification badge

Designed specifically for you—our customers—to distinguish companies running on Ramp from the rest of the pack. With the Ramp verification badge embedded in your footer or website, you’re showcasing your commitment to intelligent spending and joining the 15,000 other businesses that we’re honored to work with.

Reinforce your credibility with your community

Every time somebody visits your website, it’s a chance for you to reinforce your brand’s values. The most innovative companies in the country use Ramp —from defense-tech unicorns like Anduril, to new-age alcohol like 818 Tequila, to PFAS-free ceramic cookware like Caraway. This is a new way for you to show off that you’re already a part of our community.

Share and win with Ramp

The badge isn’t just about reinforcing your values with customers—it’s about your team as well. The best employees want to work with the best software, not antiquated platforms that create more work than they help you avoid. This is your tool to show off to potential employees that they’ll fit right in at your company & share your values of saving everyone’s time and money.

A look at how customers are already showing off their Ramp badges

Share the Ramp badge

Our Ramp verification badge is only available to Ramp customers. Copy and paste the embed codes to add the badge on websites, emails, social media, and more.

Icon badge: 40x40 px (best for icons & minimalist designs)

Full badge: 88x32 px (ideal for websites, email footers, & portfolios)

"At Ramp, our mission has always been to empower businesses to thrive efficiently. The Ramp verification badge is crafted with you in mind, as a testament to your dedication to financial wisdom. We want our customers to feel proud to be powered by Ramp."

Emily Her, Growth Associate, Ramp

If you’d like to reach out and verify the status of a company/page using this badge, please reach out to [email protected]

The first 100 customers to embed the Ramp verification badge on their website and email a screenshot to [email protected] will have exclusive access to…

  • List a featured job on our Financial Job Board, optimized to source the best talent for any finance team
  • Claim a NYC billboard shoutout promoting love for their company in one of the busiest sites in the world
  • Receive a custom one-page report on their company's Ramp savings insights (including: total time and money saved in 2023, comparison to our best savers, recommendations for further savings)

The badge must be kept on the company site for a minimum of 30 days to redeem the above rewards.