Here to help

Getting started with Ramp is easy. Check out our Live Training sessions to ask your burning questions and see just how easy getting started can be.

Live training

Weekly webinars to ensure all your questions about Ramp are answered, hosted by a finance automation expert.

Bill Pay Walkthrough

Explore the ins and outs of Ramp's state-of-the-arts bill payments software. Learn how to add a vendor, pay them in a click, and have it all sync to your GL.

Platform Overview

Come check out our live Platform Overview session, where a Ramp expert walks through how to get set up and invite the team, all in 45 minutes.

Accounting Setup

Tune in to our Accounting Onboarding session, where we cover linking your ERP, setting up category rules, and prepare you to sync your first transaction.


What is the length and frequency of these sessions?
We host four 45-minute live training sessions each week: 2 Platform Overviews, 1 Accounting Setup, and 1 Bill Pay Walkthrough.
What topics are discussed in each?
A high-level overview:
  • Platform Overview sessions cover the fundamentals of Ramp—setting up a card, configuring your expense policy, and inviting the team.
  • Accounting Setup sessions ensures your Ramp <> ERP integration is seamless. We’ll set up category, merchant, and card rules, and prep you for the first magical sync.
  • Bill Pay Walkthrough sessions delve into the accounts payable process. From adding a vendor onto Ramp to creating workflows to get the proper sign-offs, we’ll cover it all.
Who leads these sessions?
Our Live Training sessions are hosted by our Customer Education team, with members of our Success team standing by to answer any specific questions you may have. You’re in great hands.
Should I invite my team to these sessions?
Typically, these sessions are catered to the team members who will be managing Ramp. But there’s no hard rule—the more the merrier!
How many of these sessions can I attend?
There’s no limit, you can attend as many as you’d like!
Will I get access to the recordings after the sessions?
You sure will—we’ll email you with a recording of the session so you can check it out at your leisure.
What if I need additional support following the sessions?
Our team is happy to help! Visit the Help Center here, or within Ramp, use the chatbot at the bottom right of your screen to get answers to specific questions.