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Looking for an alternative to Bento for Business? Consider Ramp as a replacement.

With the news of Bento closing operations, you are likely here because you’re looking for a new expense management platform. 

While there are rumors that Bento for Business may be shutting down, the reviews of the offering highlight several other reasons why you might be leaving:

  • Search function issues: Users report that the search function is not always effective, especially when searching by amount, leading to errors and the necessity to reset search parameters.
  • Bulk export feature: There are complaints about the bulk export feature not meeting expectations, which complicates travel expense reporting.
  • Overdraft incidents: Some users have faced issues with employee overdrafts, which are then deducted from the employer's account instead of declining the transaction.
  • Fund reloading and availability: Concerns have been raised about the process of reloading funds onto the cards, particularly regarding the time it takes for transactions to be approved and funds to be made available for use.
  • Integration and reporting: Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the platform's integration capabilities, especially in relation to attaching receipts and tagging expenses for better management.
  • Statement and reporting delays: There are complaints about delays in receiving monthly statements, which impacts the efficiency of bookkeeping and financial reporting.
  • User interface and functionality: The transaction dashboard and other aspects of the user interface are seen as needing updates for better functionality and ease of use.

Some alternatives to Bento for Business

There are over 360 expense management providers listed on G2. Some of the more widely-used options include:

Ramp stands out with its AI-driven expense management and seamless integration with popular accounting software.

Brex offers corporate cards with built-in expense tracking and rewards.

Divvy provides a comprehensive spend management platform with real-time expense visibility and budget control.

Expensify simplifies expense reporting through receipt scanning and automatic categorization. These options present diverse functionalities to streamline financial operations and enhance business efficiency.

Dozens of companies have moved to Ramp as a Bento for Business alternative

Some of the primary reasons previous Bento customers chose Ramp were the appeal of single tech stack solutions, no personal liability requirements, card control features, receipt matching, ease of use/UI/UX, and the integration capabilities with accounting software like QuickBooks Online (QBO) and NetSuite. Here’s some more in-depth information about those core reasons:

  • Single tech stack solution: Organizations were looking for a comprehensive solution to replace Bento with enhanced capabilities, such as better receipt management, automated coding, direct API integration with accounting software, card controls, and overall back-end system efficiency for managing expenses.
  • No personal liability: Finance teams were migrating from Bento and sought solutions that offer easy ways to track and monitor transactions and issue corporate cards without personal guarantees, emphasizing the convenience of managing expenses without personal financial liability.
  • Card control features: Some organizations needed to maintain the pre-funded card model they had with Bento but were seeking stronger controls over daily card usage. This includes specific features for managing service workers' expenses and integrating with QuickBooks Online for accounting purposes.
  • Receipt matching and automation: Many companies were looking for a new provider that could offer a consolidated solution for cards, reimbursements, and accounting automation, with an emphasis on efficient receipt matching.
  • Ease of use/UI/UX: The user interface and user experience of the new platform were critical for several organizations, who appreciated an intuitive, easy-to-use platform to manage their expenses, highlighting the importance of a seamless transition from Bento.
  • Integration with accounting software: The ability to integrate seamlessly with accounting systems like NetSuite and QuickBooks Online was a significant factor for some, who valued stronger approval flows and automated expense management capabilities.

Make the switch: Speed up your close with Ramp

Companies are embracing Ramp to improve accounting accuracy. Ramp’s expense management features are a winning combination to help accounting teams stay on top of ever-increasing demands. 

Not yet using Ramp? Get started here.

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