The latest Ramp releases

In 2023, we launched over 150 product innovations and updates—that's one release every three days! This 45-minute webinar will help ensure you're on top of all the latest and greatest features available in Ramp. Join us to learn:

  • How to set up a frictionless expense experience for employees
  • The most recent AI-powered innovations to help finance teams close their books faster
  • Procure-to-pay capabilities to help control spend from the beginning

About the speakers

Jenny Sung
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Ramp
With a background in B2B marketing focusing on product marketing, Jenny has worked with fast-growing companies aligning product visions with market needs. She helps companies drive product engagement and foster meaningful customer relationships.
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Chris Sumida
Lead Product Marketing Manager, Ramp
Chris is a seasoned marketer, overseeing the go-to-market strategy for Ramp’s Accounts Payable and Procurement products. Prior to Ramp, he was at Xero for over 4 years, leading initiatives across US and Canada tax and global accounts payable. Based in Southern California, he balances his career with spending time with his family and going on adventures with his favorite dog, Ruby.
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Nami Sung
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Ramp
Nami Sung runs product marketing—as well as a few other functions—at Ramp. Among other things, she and her team launch new products, showcase our amazing customers, and help users understand and get more out of our solutions. Prior to Ramp, she led product marketing at Slack for 7+ years and worked in solar energy, payments, Twitter, and health tech before that.
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