Ramp invites you to join this event:

Accounting Overview - Quickbooks Desktop

Average time
1 hour 15 minutes
This session will cover:
  • How to import your Chart of Accounts and additional lists to Ramp 
  • How to code your transactions
  • How to import your transactions to QuickBooks Desktop
  • Different export types

Before the session:
To complete the setup process, please have your Chart of Accounts and additional fields downloaded from QuickBooks Desktop prior to the Small Group Onboarding session with Ramp.

Here are directions, listed under “Setup.”

Lastly, create a Ramp liability account for transactions to post to with the type being “credit card” in your accounting provider. A best practice here is keeping the name of this “Ramp Card.”

Hosted By:
Rehana Rohman
Scaled Customer Success Manager
Rehana is a Scaled Customer Success Manager at Ramp focused on onboarding and implementing customers at scale. She is a New York City native with a passion for eating desserts and has been working in the startup world for 5 years now.