May 12, 2022

FinOps Today: Closing the Books on Season 1


This episode marks the end of Season 1 of FinOps Today! Our inaugural season has been filled with thought provoking conversations, controversial opinions, and practical takeaways. In this episode, we’ve collected some of our favorite moments from a handful of guests who shared some fascinating insights that can help you grow your finance team. 

This compilation episode revisits Alex’s conversations with Patti Kangwankij from Stripe, Artem Mashkov from SwagUp, Scott Orn from Kruze Consulting, Jonah Remz from Capchase, Aron Susman from Ro, Tom Egan from DivvyHomes, and Jeannie de Guzman from 1 Password, who all shared their best advice for scaling sustainably through prioritization, strategic hiring, and implementing the right tools at the right time.

This is our last episode for Season 1, but we’ll be back with more insights and advice from finance leaders in Season 2. In the meantime, if there’s something you want us to explore more in Season 2, or if you have feedback to share, don’t hesitate drop us a line at [email protected]

We’ve shared some highlights of this episode below, but to hear what all of our guests had to share, make sure to check out this special episode available on all major podcast streaming platforms. 

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn about:

Why Patti Kangwankij, Head of Payments, Finance, and Strategy at Stripe, seeks out future leaders as she scales her team

I love the person who knows how to build it from the ground up and the person who knows what it's like in three years, but it's actually, for me more important that person knows what it should be in a few years and has the right north star.”

Why Artem Mashkov, CFO of SwagUp, always prioritizes his team over all else

"For me, that's the only thing that matters in a company. It's a virtuous circle. I think Richard Branson talks about how your employees take care of your customers, your customers take care of the company, and the company has to take care of their employees. It's not like the customer's always right. Your employees are always right when you're the leadership and you're the company.”

The key qualities Jeannie de Guzman, CFO of 1Password, looks for when hiring

And so, for me, what you talked about around grit and resilience, that was number one for me, because you need somebody who's able to just consume a lot and just be okay. Not getting everything 100% perfect the first time around, and just be able to move on and do the next thing and content switch really quickly.”

The Ramp team

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