Meet Ramp: The only corporate card that helps you spend less


When it comes to managing company expenses, most businesses are failing. Legacy corporate cards and finance software leave you in the dark with limited oversight of where your dollars are being spent.

You’ll get a tour of Ramp’s spend management platform from Eric, our Co-founder & CEO, and Geoff, Head of Product, and learn how we are helping 1,000+ leading companies like Rocket Lawyer, Mode Analytics, and Planned Parenthood identify $10M in wasteful spend and close their books 86% faster.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why current expense management sucks
  • Unique benefits of Ramp
  • Ramp product overview
  • Live demo and Q&A


Eric Glyman

CEO & Co-Founder

Geoff Charles

Head of Product

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The more we can automate, the better, and that’s the power of Ramp.

JJ Fliegelman
Co-founder, WayUp
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Time is money. Save both.

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