Year in Review 2023

Building modern finance

It’s been an exciting year! As we reflect on the milestones of 2023, we celebrate our inspiring customers who are paving the way with Ramp.
customers and growing
hours of work saved
dollars saved

150+ powerful new innovations

You asked, and we delivered. Our teams released powerful updates every few days to make your finance operations effortless. Here are some highlights.
“One of the key things we looked at when assessing Ramp was, is this going to scale with us? Because we are growing quickly, we needed a partner that would grow with us. Ramp has come alongside us and helped us grow as a company, and that extends to being a better place to work.”
Sarah Bird, Controller

Effortless expense reporting

Your time is valuable, so we made manual expense reports a thing of the past. This year, we introduced auto-matched receipts, multi-currency spend limits, and a seamless mobile app experience.
Zero-touch expenses completed
Ramp Mobile App downloads
Global reimbursements paid back to employees
“Ramp’s software is so easy to use, even for employees not always connected to a computer. Receipt mapping is so beneficial to our team to ensure employees use their company credit cards properly.”
Chris Moberger, Controller

AI-powered savings

Ramp Intelligence provided unparalleled visibility into spend, caught out-of-policy transactions, and streamlined bookkeeping with fast and accurate coding.
Savings insights surfaced to customers
Out-of-policy spend prevented by Ramp
Transactions auto-coded and synced to an ERP
Largest negotiated savings for a single business
“Part of the reason we chose Ramp is because they’ve baked AI into the tool in a really thoughtful way. Ramp's automation allows us to move so much faster and remain focused on what really matters: our creators and event attendees.”
Laura Moreno, Sr. Manager, Global AP

Fully automated procurement and AP

No need to play finance police. Teams scaled with speed and precision by capturing every purchase request, looping in the right approvers, and managing POs on a single platform.
Approval workflows automated
Invoices digitized and pre-filled
Late fees avoided with same-day ACH
“The product velocity that Ramp has is extremely fast. I mean, there was an announcement just yesterday of 10 new features. The evolution of Ramp over the next year is where I want to see the evolution of our team.”
Dave Wieseneck, VP Finance

Hear from our customers

Social media
5-Star reviews
Ramp mobile
app rating
I just witnessed the death of time-consuming, expense reports! I love RAMP!
Tony Pit — App Store
I onboarded Ramp at one company, left that company, went to another and onboarded Ramp there too. No other expense platform compares.
@Lisa Long – Google Play
Great Experience
The ability to pay vendors quickly and efficiently is a game-changer for any company. Additionally, Ramp's savings insights and pricing intelligence are valuable features that help companies save both time and money.
Anonymous – G2 Review
Shoutout to @tryramp for making life easy and for all of the surprise-and-delight gifs every time I submit a receipt. Unexpected surprise-and-delight makes such a difference!
@heytayhar – X
Helpful and Easy to Use!
Ramp is a 10x better experience for employees than other offerings l've used in the past. Love it!
CarlFreddyKing – App Store
Amazing automation Batman! Such a timesaver.
Usually submitting receipts and expenses is a tedious and slow process, but not so with Ramp. This software has helped me so much with submitting multiple expenses (especially after a work trip) using the bulk receipt upload.
 Patrick Molloy – G2 Review
@tryramp may be one of the few pieces of software that I've used that becomes easier and more efficient with each update.
@RamblingWilliam – X
The slickest business app I've ever used
Honestly sets the standard for usability, among all business products. Makes tedious chores (filing receipts for expense reports) joyful and quick.
Tongitu – App Store
Thank you for another incredible year. Here’s to 2024!

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