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You might see Calendly listed on your credit card statement as:
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Ramp is a spend management platform used by over 15,000 businesses for easy-to-use cards, spend limits, approval flows, vendor payments, and more. Ramp has merchant data on over 1 million unique acceptors, over 8x more than other credit card charge databases. Merchant charges aren’t always recognizable on card statements, and Ramp’s exhaustive dataset is the most reliable way to better understand where and why charges are appearing on your statements.

Calendly could appear on your statement as:

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a scheduling software company that offers online scheduling for businesses and individuals to easily and seamlessly arrange appointments with ease. Their website is designed to make it easy for users to schedule appointments, meetings, and events, and offers an array of features that are easy to navigate. With just a few clicks, users can create and send event invitations, set up notifications and reminders, and even automate their scheduling tasks. Calendly has a range of products and services that cater to various industries and needs.

Some of the top five products and services offered by Calendly include:

  1. Customizable scheduling: Users can tailor their scheduling experience to fit their unique needs, and can customize everything from event types, duration, and availability.
  2. Automated scheduling: Calendly sends automated invites and reminders, takes care of confirmations, and even follows up at the right time.
  3. Integration with other apps and tools: Calendly integrates with other productivity tools like G Suite, Office 365, Zoom, Salesforce, and many more.
  4. Group scheduling: Users can schedule group events and invite multiple participants, making it easy to arrange meetings and events for teams.
  5. Advanced analytics: Calendly proffers a range of advanced analytics and insights, including subscriber data, scheduling trends, and appointment statistics, to help users make informed decisions.

Overall, Calendly offers a unique and effective way to streamline the appointment scheduling process for individuals and businesses. Its flexibility and integrations make it an excellent scheduling tool for any industry, making it easier for everyone to keep their schedules organized and productive.

Calendly website:

“Accurate classification of expenses is vital for businesses as it forms the backbone of financial reporting, tax compliance, and strategic decision-making. It enables businesses to track and analyze their spending patterns, identify cost-saving opportunities, and assess the profitability of various operations or projects.”
Audrey Carroll
Senior Manager, Accounting, Ramp

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