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Ramp is a spend management platform used by over 15,000 businesses for easy-to-use cards, spend limits, approval flows, vendor payments, and more. Ramp has merchant data on over 1 million unique acceptors, over 8x more than other credit card charge databases. Merchant charges aren’t always recognizable on card statements, and Ramp’s exhaustive dataset is the most reliable way to better understand where and why charges are appearing on your statements.

Docsend could appear on your statement as:

What is Docsend?

Docsend is a company that provides a secure document sharing and tracking platform for businesses. With a focus on delivering a better way to manage and control document distribution, Docsend enables users to securely share and track important documents such as presentations, proposals, and contracts. Through its intuitive interface and advanced analytics, Docsend helps businesses streamline their document workflows and make data-driven decisions.

  1. Document Sharing: Docsend allows users to easily share documents with recipients, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information. Users can set permissions, expiration dates, and even require recipients to provide their contact information before accessing the document.
  2. Document Tracking: Docsend provides real-time analytics on how recipients interact with shared documents. Users can see who viewed the document, how much time they spent on each page, and even whether they shared the document with others.
  3. Presentation Mode: Docsend's presentation mode allows users to convert their documents into immersive presentations. With features such as presenter notes, full-screen mode, and the ability to skip to specific sections, users can deliver more engaging and interactive presentations.
  4. Virtual Data Rooms: Docsend's virtual data rooms offer a secure and organized way to manage due diligence processes. Users can upload and organize documents, set granular permissions, and control access to sensitive information during mergers, acquisitions, or fundraising rounds.
  5. Content Security: Docsend prioritizes data security, employing industry-leading encryption, access controls, and audit logs to protect sensitive documents. With features like watermarking, password protection, and two-factor authentication, Docsend ensures that documents are accessed only by authorized individuals.

Docsend website:

“Accurate classification of expenses is vital for businesses as it forms the backbone of financial reporting, tax compliance, and strategic decision-making. It enables businesses to track and analyze their spending patterns, identify cost-saving opportunities, and assess the profitability of various operations or projects.”
Audrey Carroll
Senior Manager, Accounting, Ramp

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