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You might see Google Storage listed on your credit card statement as:
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Google Storage could appear on your statement as:

What is Google Storage?

Google Storage is a cloud storage platform provided by Google. It allows users to store and retrieve data from anywhere using the internet. Google Storage is an advanced storage solution that is built for developers, enterprise businesses, and individuals who need a reliable, scalable, and secure storage solution.

  1. Standard Storage: A simple and cost-effective storage solution with high durability and availability.
  2. Nearline Storage: A low-cost solution for data that is frequently accessed and requires fast restore times.
  3. Coldline Storage: An economical solution for long-term storage of data that is accessed less than once a year.
  4. Archive Storage: The most cost-effective solution for long-term storage of data that is rarely accessed.
  5. Transfer Service: A fast, secure, and reliable way to transfer large amounts of data into Google Storage.

Google Storage website:

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