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ZF Telecom could appear on your statement as:

What is ZF Telecom?

ZF Telecom is a Brazilian company that provides advanced solutions in the telecommunications market. They specialize in developing and manufacturing radio frequency (RF) products and solutions that cater to various applications such as mobile and fixed networks, broadcasting, defense, and transportation. The company has over 30 years of experience in the industry and invests heavily in research & development to ensure they're always delivering innovative and reliable products to their customers. They operate in Brazil and other countries in South America, North America, and Europe.

Some of the top products and services offered by ZF Telecom are:

  1. RF Filters: These are high-performance filters that ensure optimal signal quality and low interference in communication systems. They offer various types of filters for specific applications such as bandpass, lowpass, highpass, and notch filters.
  2. Repeaters: These devices amplify and distribute signals in areas with weak or no coverage. They have repeaters for different frequency ranges and can customize solutions for specific needs.
  3. Antennas: They offer a broad range of high-quality antennas for various applications such as cellular, FM radio, and GPS. They also provide customized antenna solutions according to the client's requirements.
  4. Combining Systems: These are devices that enable multiple communication systems to share a common antenna while maintaining optimal signal quality and minimizing interference.
  5. Broadcast Solutions: They provide complete transmission solutions for FM and digital radio broadcasters, including transmitters, antennas, and accessories. They also offer consultancy services to assist broadcasters in optimizing their systems.

Overall, ZF Telecom is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that help their clients achieve their communication goals efficiently and reliably.

ZF Telecom website:

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