How New Way Landscape saved 24 hours/month by moving off their legacy system

24 hours
“From getting transactions coded to the right budget item to splitting transactions natively in the system, the interface and the level of detail is perfect."
Bill Cox, VP of Finance, New Way Landscape
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The problem
An archaic system led to time-intensive, frustrating card management

New Way’s legacy card management system was archaic, with limited reporting options and a cumbersome card distribution process. The card provider offered only basic spend reports, which resulted in New Way’s use of Expensify to gain deeper insights and conduct more robust spend analysis. 

“The biggest problem was awful reporting,” says Bill Cox, New Way’s VP of Finance.“[It required us to] use Expensify to try to patch over the core reporting, which was separate from the card and hard for us to manage. This provider didn’t solve the biggest pain point we were trying to manage: making accounting’s life easy.”

What’s more, the legacy provider’s approach to card distribution created frustrating bottlenecks. “Everything went through the card manager,” explains Bill. “To get a card [for an employee], I would order a card, which would be sent to me, and which I would then give to the person. Everything was bottlenecked through the website administrator, as opposed to cardholders being able to directly interface with the system.”

Bill knew better options existed. He found Ramp, and after an easy sign-up and credit approval process, he was ready to implement the platform at New Way.

The solution
A single centralized spend management platform

New Way selected Ramp for its streamlined process, single central dashboard, and advanced reporting functionality that gave New Way more time to focus on growth. “A motivating factor in moving to Ramp was to free up time to allow us to focus on an accounting system upgrade,” says Bill. 

Ramp’s single system offered New Way the time-saving accounting solution it needed, as well as advanced reporting insights and analysis. “My big ask was to have a credit card company that could handle Expensify-type reporting,” says Bill. “That was the solution I was looking for.” Plus, Ramp’s platform made it easy to remove Bill as the middle man in the card management process without adding unnecessary risk for the company.

“I love that it’s easy to give a card to somebody with controls that allow them to do as much or as little as we want them to do,” says Bill. Ramp has also allowed New Way to implement much more granular card controls, which has in turn enabled the company to empower more employees with cards. “The ability to easily give cards to people who couldn’t have them in the past has been great,” says Bill.

The result
A simpler and faster approach to card management

By implementing Ramp, New Way has made the company more efficient, saved the accounting team hours of time, and created a more agile operating environment. 

“A lot of things on Ramp’s accounting tab are very well thought-out,” says Bill. “From getting transactions coded to the right budget item to splitting transactions natively in the system, the interface and the level of detail is perfect. It’s everything you need and nothing that you don’t.”

The ease of use Ramp offers—whether through accounting tools or by empowering more employees to use cards in a controlled way—saves valuable time for the accounting team. It has also changed the way the company operates by enabling faster access to important information. 

“We’re very budget-driven,” explains Bill. “The sooner we know we’re off-track, the sooner we can correct. The speed with which we can get information from the cardholder through the system is dramatically faster when we can do that during the month.” With its legacy system, New Way had to wait until the end of the month to review its entire credit card statement and make adjustments as necessary going forward. Ramp, conversely, offers real-time insights that enable the team to make more agile business and budgeting decisions.

“Looking back, it’s like, geez, why didn’t we do this sooner?” says Bill. Ramp’s ability to offer in-depth insights and analysis and to generate cost savings is attractive, but ultimately Bill and his team love the platform for its time-saving prowess. 

“It’s my time,” says Bill. “That time is extremely valuable.” 

By using Ramp, New Way has safeguarded that value for its accounting team.

Company name
New Way Landscape
Ramp products used
About the company

New Way Landscape is a commercial landscaping company located in Southern California. The company supports a roster of 150 recurring customers and is focused on generating long-term relationships through comprehensive landscaping solutions and customer service infused with integrity and trust.

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