AI spending: surprising trends from Ramp's data

Companies are shifting budgets and rapidly scaling their AI spend, according to Ramp’s latest business spending report. AI expenses grew 293% this past year, compared to an increase of just 6% in overall software transaction volume during the same period.

Hear Ramp’s Head of Data Science, Ian Macomber, ElevenLabs's VP of Finance, Maciej Mylik, and Perplexity's Head of Enterprise Partnerships, Emily Jorgens, discuss how companies should budget for AI and other emerging spending trends. They’ll dive into:

  • AI spending benchmarks by company size and industry
  • The fastest-growing vendors on Ramp—and why  
  • Rising costs to keep under control

Watch this replay to learn how companies are evolving their budgets to stay innovative.

About the speakers

Maciej Mylik
VP of Finance at ElevenLabs
Maciej is a graduate in Mathematics & Statistics from the University of Oxford and in Computer Science from Imperial College London. He currently leads the Finance vertical at ElevenLabs. Previously, he worked as a consultant at Bain & Company and managed capital allocation at the CIECH group. He is passionate about technology and AI. Outside of work, he is an avid sailor and skier.
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Emily Jorgens
Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Perplexity
Emily is the Head of Enterprise Partnerships at Perplexity. She oversees the Enterprise business and API partnerships. Before Perplexity, she spent 4 years at Ramp, starting and scaling their partnerships team. Prior to that she worked at Uber for 5 years on both the operations and partnerships teams. Emily has a BS in Economics and Biology from Duke University. Outside of work, Emily enjoys traveling, golfing, and scuba diving.
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Ian Macomber
Head of Data Science at Ramp
Ian Macomber is the Head of Data at Ramp. Ian has led the charge of developing Ramp’s cutting-edge data capabilities, and the platform and team behind the products and insights. Ramp’s data team leverages SQL, python, and cutting edge ML/AI techniques to empower teams across the company to make informed decisions, and to save Ramp customers time and money.
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