Intro to Ramp Travel

Managing business travel has always been a headache. Introducing Ramp Travel, a new way for admins to manage business travel from booking to book close. 

Join us on June 11th for a guided tour of the product, a preview of the roadmap, and Q&A. We’ll show you how Ramp Travel will help you save even more time and money: 

  • Admins can build travel policy rules directly as guardrails into Ramp. 
  • Employees can easily book in-policy travel and have their expenses automated.
  • Everyone can access global inventory with the best travel rates powered by Priceline.
  • Ramp is one tool to manage both travel and expenses.

About the speakers

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Jenny Sung
Lead Product Marketing Manager
With a background in B2B marketing focusing on product marketing, Jenny has worked with fast-growing companies aligning product visions with market needs. She helps companies drive product engagement and foster meaningful customer relationships.
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Aditya Singh
Product Manager
Aditya has been at Ramp for almost 2 years working across the organization as a Product Manager on Travel, Reporting, Rewards, and more. His focus is on creating seamless and delightful user experiences on Ramp for both finance teams and employees alike.
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Time is money. Save both.

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