Empowering growth together: Unlock your potential with Ramp's Alliance Partner Program

Unlock your business's growth with our new Alliance Partner Program. We’ll walk you through how Ramp's innovative, best-in-class solutions perfectly align with your goals.

In this 45-min session, you'll discover:

  • Partner benefits: Explore the growth and collaboration opportunities of our Alliance Partnership Program.
  • Success stories: Hear from successful partners and explore the benefits of our partnership.
  • Tools & resources: Access exclusive tools and events to boost growth and marketing.

About the speakers

Eric Lengerich
Channel Relationship Manager
Eric Lengerich is an Alliance Leader at Ramp, boasting over nine years of expertise at NetSuite and Sage, where his roles spanned Direct Sales, Partner Development/Management, and Alliance Growth. Residing in Denver, CO, Eric is not only a professional in his field but also an avid cyclist and skier, sharing his life with his beloved cat and fiancée.
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Paul Durocher
Senior Sales Manager
As a former accountant, Paul is motivated to help companies solve global scalability challenges and optimize business processes. He leads new mid-market sales at Ramp, with prior experience at NetSuite, Baker Tilly US, and The CFO Leadership Council. He has worked with companies like Lyft, Splunk, Cloudflare, Palantir, and more.
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