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Concur (or SAP Concur) is a cloud-based travel booking and expense management software platform that’s been around for decades. Despite its widespread use among mid-sized companies and organizations, it’s not without some limitations, particularly when it comes to ease of use, savings insights, and integrations with accounting software providers like NetSuite and Quickbooks. Plus, Concur charges by expense report, which can get pricey as your organization grows. 

If you’re looking for a capable alternative to Concur for your travel and expense management needs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered and evaluated 6 of the best Concur competitors on the market, including: 

  1. Ramp
  2. Navan (formerly TripActions)
  3. Emburse
  4. Airbase 
  5. Zoho Expense
  6. TravelBank

Read on to learn about the best SAP Concur alternatives in 2024. 

Best Concur alternative: Ramp

While Ramp offers the same travel booking and expense management functionality of SAP Concur, the platform’s features go far beyond that, encompassing accounts payable, accounting automation, and receipt tracking. Plus, Ramp offers an industry-leading corporate charge card with customizable spend controls and reporting. 

More than 15,000 businesses have used Ramp. The end-to-end platform boasts more than 1,800 reviews on business software review site G2, and an overall rating of 4.8/5 stars. 

Key features

  • Central hub to consolidate data and workflows between payables, business travel and expenses, and business-wide spend management
  • Free bill pay, with the ability to schedule payments and use physical and virtual corporate cards, ACH, checks, and international wire transfers
  • Reliable mobile app for employee expense submissions and error-free reconciliations that help finance teams close their books eight times faster
  • Automatic bill routing for approvals, plus easy approvals in Slack and by email
  • Auto-coding of bills as liabilities plus integrations with top accounting, human resources, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems.

Why customers switch from Concur to Ramp

  • Immediate savings. Users report saving money on credit card fees after switching over from SAP Concur. 
  • The employee experience. Ramp customers give the platform high marks for ease of use and functionality, particularly when it comes to expense tracking purchases and generating reports.  
  • Efficiency. Ramp users allude to how much time it saves them when it comes to gathering and reporting on receipts, since the platform makes it easy to capture and categorize them.   


Ramp’s primary expense management tools are free to use. However, Ramp Plus, at $15 a month, offers more control and customization of its features. 

Navan (formerly TripActions)

‍Navan is a travel and expense solution for professionals to book, view, and manage trips and expenses. Typical users of the software include executive assistants and finance teams.

Key features

  • Spend controls at the point of sale to stop out-of-policy employee spending
  • Automated reconciliation to eliminate expense reports, and track and monitor spend
  • Virtual cards tied to each travel booking, ending the need for manual reconciliation
  • Reimbursements for out-of-pocket spending in 45 countries and 25 currencies

Why people choose Navan over Concur

One reviewer of Navan on G2  mentioned how easy and straightforward it was to submit expenses. The reviewer found this same process more confusing and less user-friendly on SAP Concur. 


Navan is free for your first 50 monthly active users, with a fee for live travel agent support. The company can provide custom quotes for companies that exceed those needs.


Emburse provides expense, travel management, accounts payable, and other payment solutions. It's rated 4.5/5 on G2 and is classified as most suitable for mid-market companies. 

Key features

  • Real-time spend management, with automated expense categories and policies
  • Mobile expenses application to capture and report expenses anywhere 
  • Automatic matching of corporate card payments with employee expenses

Why people choose Emburse over Concur

One G2 reviewer said Emburse’s automated accounts payable tools cut invoice processing time, resulting in more time for strategic work.


Emburse can provide custom quotes for companies exploring its solutions. 


Airbase guides procurement for spending, from the initial request to payment and reconciliation. The software has features for advanced business processes and accounting needs, such as multi-subsidiaries, and purchase order (PO) matching. Airbase is rated 4.8/5 on G2 and is classified as most suitable for mid-market companies. 

Key features

  • Automatic audit trail with the ability to retrieve all documentation for booking or an audit
  • Accounting automation covering categories, amortization, and payment dates
  • Invoice processing and bill payments from a single software interface
  • Real-time reporting, with all spending activities captured as they occur 
  • Receipt management, with a dedicated email for expense submissions

Why people choose Airbase over Concur

One Airbase reviewer on G2 was happy they were no longer forced to create expense reports to host receipts, unlike their experiences with Expensify, Concur, and Brex.


Airbase offers standard, premium, and enterprise quotes for firms with 200 to 5,000 employees.  

Zoho Expense 

Zoho Expense helps mid-market businesses improve their travel and expense processes and control costs. The software allows businesses to implement changes in their travel and expense policy, with custom approval workflows. Zoho Expense has more than 1,000 G2 reviews and a 4.5/5 rating. 

Key features

  • Create budgets and track them with the help of a dashboard with customizable alerts to notify people when a budget limit is exceeded 
  • Prevent fraud by identifying and flagging fake receipts, duplicate entries, fraudulent data modifications, and mismatches
  • Book and manage all offline and online corporate travel, guided by cost approval flows and other custom organizational rules

Why people choose Zoho Expense over Concur

Many G2 reviewers compare Zoho Expense favorably to Concur. One small business vice president said Zoho Expense is simple to navigate, requiring less training to use than Concur. This reviewer said it was refreshing to have a system that employees and accounting love to use.

Zoho pricing

Zoho Expense offers free, premium, and enterprise plans. Premium and enterprise plans start at $5 and $8 per active user a month, respectively. Subscriptions are billed annually. 


TravelBank is an expense management and travel program with reimbursements and rewards. Companies can create and deploy custom expense and travel policies and access in-house customer support. TravelBank was recently acquired by U.S. Bancorp. It has a rating of 4.4/5 on G2.

Key features

  • See synced transactions and manually created expenses in one view and easily merge expenses and your receipts with card transactions
  • Create virtual cards and automatically sync the transactions of any card of your choice into TravelBank’s expense management system for earlier visibility
  • Fully customizable dashboard to monitor spend, cost leakage, and spending trends 

Why people choose TravelBank over Concur

A G2 reviewer working in small business marketing liked how easy it was to generate expense reports via the TravelBank platform. This reviewer found Concur to be comparatively clunky and difficult to manage on-the-go.


Pricing starts at $25 per user a month for travel solutions and $10 per user per month for expense solutions. Businesses can also ask for custom pricing.

Moving on from legacy spend software

A number of software competitors have sprung up in the many years Concur has been around. Among these, undoubtedly the most comprehensive is Ramp

Ramp not only streamlines the travel booking and expense management process, but provides a wide range of other accounting tools to help companies manage their finances. Its intuitive platform, real-time reporting and visibility, and spend controls make Ramp the all-in-one software solution appropriate for most companies. 

Try Ramp for free
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