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You might see Fiverr listed on your credit card statement as:
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Ramp is a spend management platform used by over 25,000 businesses for easy-to-use cards, spend limits, approval flows, vendor payments, and more. Ramp has merchant data on over 1 million unique acceptors, over 8x more than other credit card charge databases. Merchant charges aren’t always recognizable on card statements, and Ramp’s exhaustive dataset is the most reliable way to better understand where and why charges are appearing on your statements.

Fiverr could appear on your statement as:

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where businesses and individuals can find freelancers for a variety of digital services. The platform was launched in 2010 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. The main mission of Fiverr is to connect freelancers with businesses and individuals all over the world and provide a platform where people can efficiently outsource their needs. On this platform, customers can find freelancers to complete a variety of tasks such as graphic design, writing, video editing, marketing, and programming. Freelancers on the platform call themselves 'sellers' and can offer their services at varying prices depending on their skillset and the complexity of the task.

  1. Graphic Design - Fiverr offers a marketplace of designers that can create anything from logos and branding, to advertising materials and packaging design.
  2. Copywriting - Find writers to create website copy, ad copy, product descriptions or even full eBooks.
  3. Video Editing - Fiverr has a large number of experts who can creatively edit and produce your videos.
  4. Marketing - Many sellers offer SEO, social media, email marketing and other services to help grow your business.
  5. Programming - Coders and developers can design and create websites, apps and software using a range of programming languages.
“Accurate classification of expenses is vital for businesses as it forms the backbone of financial reporting, tax compliance, and strategic decision-making. It enables businesses to track and analyze their spending patterns, identify cost-saving opportunities, and assess the profitability of various operations or projects.”
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