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You might see Instacart listed on your credit card statement as:
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Instacart could appear on your statement as:

What is Instacart?

Instacart is a grocery delivery and pick-up service that was founded in 2012. It connects customers with personal shoppers who handpick and deliver groceries and other household essentials from local stores. The service is available in hundreds of cities across North America, including major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

Instacart offers a variety of products and services to make grocery shopping more convenient. Here are the top 5 products and services that they provide:

  1. Grocery delivery: Customers can choose from a wide selection of groceries and household essentials on the Instacart app or website. Personal shoppers will then pick up the items and deliver them to the customer's doorstep.
  2. In-store pick-up: For customers who prefer to do their own shopping, Instacart also offers in-store pick-up. Customers can place their order on the app or website, then pick up their groceries from a participating store at a designated time.
  3. Same-day delivery: Instacart offers same-day delivery for customers in most areas. This means that customers can have their groceries delivered within hours of placing their order.
  4. Express Membership: For frequent users, Instacart offers an Express Membership. This membership offers free delivery on orders over $35, as well as other perks like exclusive deals and priority access to delivery windows.
  5. Alcohol delivery: In many areas, Instacart also offers alcohol delivery. Customers can shop for beer, wine, and liquor on the app or website and have it delivered to their door.

Instacart website:

“Accurate classification of expenses is vital for businesses as it forms the backbone of financial reporting, tax compliance, and strategic decision-making. It enables businesses to track and analyze their spending patterns, identify cost-saving opportunities, and assess the profitability of various operations or projects.”
Audrey Carroll
Senior Manager, Accounting, Ramp

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