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At Spotify, our mission is to make music more accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing.

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What Are Core Values?

Core values are fundamental beliefs or principles that guide the actions and behavior of individuals within an organization. These values define the culture, shape the brand, and provide a sense of direction for the organization.

Why Are Core Values Important?

Core values play a critical role in creating a strong organizational culture. They help to align employees with the company's mission and vision, foster teamwork, and promote a sense of belonging within the organization. These values also serve as a guide for decision making, ensuring that all actions are in line with the organization's beliefs and principles.

Moreover, core values can act as a differentiator in today's competitive market. They define an organization's unique identity and help to attract customers who align with those values. Companies with well-defined core values also tend to have higher employee satisfaction, retention rates, and overall performance.


How many core values should an organization have?
There is no specific number of core values that an organization should have. Some organizations may have 3-5 values, while others may have up to 10.
Can core values change over time?
Yes, core values can evolve and change as the organization grows and adapts to new challenges and opportunities. It is important to regularly review and reassess core values to ensure they align with the organization's current goals and culture.
How should core values be communicated within an organization?
Core values should be prominently displayed throughout the organization, from employee onboarding materials to company meetings and events. They should also be consistently reinforced through actions and behaviors of leaders and employees, to ensure they are integrated into the company's culture.
Can core values be used for marketing purposes?
Yes, core values can be leveraged in marketing efforts to showcase an organization's beliefs and attract like-minded customers. However, it is important for these values to be authentic and aligned with the organization's actions and practices.

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