Enterprise expense management reimagined

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Expense management that helps you spend less and save more for your enterprise

Ramp’s expense management platform helps enterprises save more by preventing unapproved spend before it happens and saving time through automation. Enterprises work with Ramp to streamline costs and drive efficiency.

Prevent out-of-policy spend before it happens

Enforce custom spend policies by setting limits and controls for every card—down to the merchant, category, and transaction level. Spend less by making it easy for employees to stay compliant.

Seamlessly manage expenses on the go

Simplify how your employees pay with Ramp's mobile-integrated virtual cards. Transform the way you manage expenses by connecting with popular mobile wallets.

Request virtual cards in the app and feel confident that your expenses will be accounted for and categorized based on the card limit.

Set your team free from expense reports

Ramp’s expense management software is directly integrated with our corporate card, offering an all-in-one solution for your enterprise.

We detect every transaction and instantly remind employees to send a snapshot of their receipt via SMS or the Ramp mobile app. We also auto-collect and match receipts with integrations for Gmail, Uber, Amazon Business, Lyft and more.

Speed up monthly close with accounting automation

Let Ramp suggest accurate coding, categorization, and flag issues that need attention. Our AI learns from your historical patterns to ensure compliance without reviewing every line item.

Easily manage all your global expenses, reimbursements, and pay bills in one place

Empower employees to spend from anywhere by issuing card limits, budgets, and company programs in your entity’s and employee’s local currency. Make it easier for your enterprise to manage expenses by reimbursing employees and paying vendors around the world in 40 different currencies.

Our finance team and employees alike love Ramp for its ease of use, spend visibility, and excellent customer service. Its modern spend controls help us all take accountability for the operating efficiency of the company.”

Ivan Makarov
VP of Finance, Webflow

Common questions

How does Ramp's software address unique enterprise challenges compared to traditional methods?
Ramp's expense management software helps businesses manage their finances. It uses AI-driven insights, real-time tracking, and automated reconciliation. This results in heightened financial oversight and operational efficiency.
Can Ramp's software handle multiple accounts for different departments within a company?
Ramp's software is designed to be highly flexible and can be adapted to enterprises of any size and structure. It allows for multiple accounts with customizable spending limits, which promotes transparency and helps ensure efficient management of enterprise expenditures.
What specific benefits do AI-driven insights provide for enterprise expense management?
Ramp's AI-driven insights redefine expense management for enterprises by uncovering nuanced spending patterns and optimizing strategies. These insights lead to increased savings and finely tuned expense management practices that are finely tuned to the unique demands of enterprises.
Is Ramp's software compatible with the accounting systems typically utilized by businesses?
Ramp's software works seamlessly with many popular ERP accounting systems, allowing for the synchronization of financial information that is essential to the functioning of your business. This integration helps simplify financial procedures and increases the accuracy of data for your company.

Time is money. Save both.

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No personal credit checks or founder guarantee.
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