Getting your software spend under control

Software spend can balloon quickly if you’re not paying close attention. Hidden contract details can get you locked into a contract you didn’t want to renew and it’s tough to understand if you’re getting the best price on software.

This webinar is for anybody who manages software spend. Brilliant’s Finance and Accounting Manager, Joshua Smee, and Ramp’s Director of FP&A, Lesley Leung, will share how they save $100k+ a year on software spend. You’ll learn:

  • Best practices to stay up to date on software contracts
  • Managing software spend without overspending

About the speakers

Joshua Smee
Finance and Accounting Manager,
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Lesley Leung
Director of FP&A, Ramp
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Jenny Sung
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Ramp
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Time is money. Save both.

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