Multi-entity strategies to achieve a 5-day close

Back by popular demand! We're hosting another webinar on strategies to accelerate your close. This time, we'll deep dive into best practices to speed up accruals, approval policies, and multi-entity accounting.

This webinar is for finance professionals who want to optimize their close operations. AirDNA’s Controller, Diane Langenfeld, and Ramp’s Senior Controller, Edwine Alphonse, will share how they reduced their close time by as much as 83%. You'll learn:

  • Key processes, skills, and tools for a speedy close
  • Top tips for speeding up accruals, approvals, and expense reporting
  • Best practices for streamlining multi-entity accounting

About the speakers

Diane Langenfeld
Senior Accountant, AirDNA
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Edwine Alphonse
Senior Controller, Ramp
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