Why finance teams are shifting away from reimbursements

Construction One’s finance team used to spend 40 hours/mo processing reimbursement requests. They cut it down to 10 hours/mo after switching to corporate cards with preset controls.

In this session, Construction One's Controller Chris Moberger and Ramp's Head of Solutions Consulting Megan Lin Gibbons will share how finance leaders can increase expense compliance and efficiency by upgrading their tools and processes. Get practical insights on:

  • Improving real-time spend control and visibility with contractors and field employees
  • Automating expense management to speed up month-end close
  • Preventing vendor overcharges

About the speakers

Chris Moberger
Controller, Construction One
Chris has led Construction One's finance teams since 2010. He has been instrumental in helping the company transform from a self-performing family business to a nationwide construction manager and general contractor specializing in diversified commercial building projects. The company comprises 80 employees and over 13,000 subcontractors and vendors nationwide.
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Megan Lin Gibbons
Head of Solutions Consulting, Ramp
Megan Lin Gibbons's career centers on building new teams and scaling operations at hyper-growth technology companies. Prior to Ramp, she led teams that served Fortune 500 clients at Dropbox, Meta, and Twilio, where she also served as the chapter's Founding Co-chair for Women in Solutions Engineering.
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Jenny Sung
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Ramp
With a background in B2B marketing focusing on product marketing, Jenny has worked with fast-growing companies aligning product visions with market needs. She helps companies drive product engagement and foster meaningful customer relationships.
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