Ramp Roundup: Q2 product releases

Get the scoop on Ramp’s latest product innovations, designed to help you optimize your finance operations. Plus, get a preview of upcoming releases on the product roadmap across international, accounts payable, and more.

You’ll learn to:

  • Speed up your entire accounts payable workflow using automation
  • Catch spend early with procurement controls
  • Accelerate your month-end close and minimize errors with custom CSV enhancements and our newest Acumatica integration

About the speakers

Geoff Charles
VP of Product at Ramp
Geoff Charles is the VP of Product at Ramp, leading the product management, operations, and support teams. He has been working in financial services for over a decade across B2B and B2C. Prior to Ramp, Geoff helped spin off Mission Lane and scaled credit products to millions of consumers. He started his career advising Fortune 100 financial services companies and is now focused on building better software to disrupt them.
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Chris Sumida
Product Marketing, Procurement
Chris is a seasoned marketer, overseeing the go-to-market strategy for Ramp’s Accounts Payable and Procurement products. Prior to Ramp, he was at Xero for over 4 years, leading initiatives across US and Canada tax and global accounts payable. Based in Southern California, he balances his career with spending time with his family and going on adventures with his favorite dog, Ruby.
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Ehikioya Igberaese
Product Marketing, Accounting and International
Ehikioya is a versatile product marketer with experience in both B2C and B2B marketing. At Ramp, he leads product marketing for our core accounting products, integrations and international expansion. Prior to Ramp, he was at Instacart, Meta and Salesforce. Outside of work, he enjoys running marathons, eating hearty green meals and researching the latest and greatest running tech.
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Laura Clugston
Product Marketing, Release Management
As a Product Marketing Manager at Ramp, Laura strategizes and oversees release marketing for all Ramp product launches. Prior to Ramp, Laura has worked in the B2C space as a product marketer in industries across GoPuff, Zillow, and Uber. During her free time, she's spending time outdoors on the slopes or hiking in the mountains with her dog Gingko.
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Leonard Yap
Product Marketing, Accounts Payable
Leonard is a product marketer for Ramp’s Accounts Payable product, Bill Pay. Prior to Ramp, he was at LinkedIn, leading go-to-market initiatives across their Hiring and Learning solutions. Based in NYC, he enjoys trying new wine bars, food trucks and pizza by the slice.
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Matt Mayer
Technical Product Marketing
Matt is an experienced product storyteller helping demonstrate and articulate the value of Ramp. Prior to joining Ramp, Matt spent years at Salesforce as a Solution Engineer. He is based in NYC and is always looking to travel and try a new restaurant.
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