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Gain control of your small business finances with Ramp's expense management software

Ramp’s expense management platform helps small businesses spend less and save more. Unlike traditional corporate cards, Ramp prevents unapproved spend before it happens, instantly collects receipts, and automatically codes and categorizes transactions to accelerate monthly close, making expense management more streamlined and efficient.

Enforce compliance and spend less in the first place

Make it easy for your small business employees to follow expense policies. Set limits and controls for every card—down to the merchant, category, and transaction level.

Seamlessly manage expenses on the go

Simplify small business transactions with Ramp's mobile-integrated virtual cards. Transform the way you manage expenses by connecting with popular mobile wallets.

Request virtual cards in the app and feel confident that your expenses will be accounted for and categorized based on the card limit.

Set your small business team free from expense reports

Ramp’s expense management software is directly integrated with our corporate card, offering an all-in-one solution for your small business.

We detect all transactions and instantly remind employees to send a receipt snapshot via SMS or the Ramp mobile app. We also auto-collect and match receipts with integrations for Gmail, Uber, Amazon Business, Lyft, and more.

Real-time insights for financial excellence

Access real-time transactions, automated reconciliation, and personalized expense management strategies. Empower your small business finance team for informed decisions, significant time savings, and optimized spending.

Ramp allowed me to build a team of highly skilled people who have better thought processes and who can tackle more strategic projects, rather than burning time on manual work.”

Josh Reeves
CFO, Walther Farms

Common questions

How does Ramp's expense management software differ from traditional methods?
Ramp's expense management software presents an innovative approach to small business finances. Unlike traditional techniques, it employs AI-driven insights, real-time tracking, and automated reconciliation, greatly enhancing financial control and efficiency.
What advantages do Ramp's AI-driven insights provide for small business expense management?
Ramp's AI-driven insights revolutionize expense management for small businesses, revealing spending patterns and optimizing strategies. These insights result in heightened savings and refined expense management practices.
Can I issue multiple accounts for my small business team using Ramp's software?
Absolutely. Ramp's software is tailored to suit businesses of all sizes. You can allocate multiple accounts to team members, each equipped with customizable spending controls, ensuring transparency and efficiency in expenditure management.
Is Ramp's software compatible with prevalent accounting systems for small businesses?
Yes, Ramp's software seamlessly integrates with widely used ERP accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, and Sage Intacct, guaranteeing accurate synchronization of financial data across platforms employed by your small business.

Time is money. Save both.

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