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BILL offers software that helps businesses manage their accounts payable and accounts receivable. But many companies find that the software can't keep up with their needs as they grow, especially in areas like expense management and procurement. Is BILL the right tool for your business? We did the research to help you understand the following alternatives.


Here at Ramp, we offer an all-in-one finance automation platform, so we are admittedly biased toward the strengths of Ramp versus BILL. That's because our suite of tools helps finance teams consolidate data and workflows across all their core responsibilities—vendor payments and billing, corporate cards, spend management, and employee reimbursements. More than 1,700 reviews on G2 have given Ramp a 4.8 out of 5-star rating. 

Key features

  • Single platform for consolidated data and workflows between accounts payable (AP), expense management, procurement, accounting, and more.
  • One-step bill import and 99% accurate AI matching for every invoice line item
  • Free bill pay, with the ability to schedule payments and use physical and virtual corporate cards, ACH, checks, and international wire transfers
  • Automatic bill routing for approvals, plus easy approvals in Slack and by email
  • Auto-coding of bills as liabilities plus accounting integrations with ERP and HRIS.

Why customers choose Ramp over BILL

  • Pay more bills for free. Let as many of your finance team members as needed use our bill pay solution without charge. Ramp doesn’t charge for regular ACH delivery or check payments. Our cashback, savings insights, and negotiators help you keep cash in your accounts for longer.
  • Get a full picture of cashflow. Ramp helps you see all your current liabilities. You can pay everything with any payment method in one place, without having to manually code bills and vendor payments. Our AI will categorize everything for your general ledger. 
  • Automate repetitive AP tasks. Accounting teams save 10 minutes on each bill with Ramp.  It takes one step to import. Our AI recognizes every invoice line item and helps you quickly get bills approved, paid, and reconciled with ease. 

“I spent four hours a month on Expensify, two on Amex, and probably five on BILL. Now I’m in and out of Ramp in five minutes.” - Sam Meek, Founder & CEO, Sandboxx

Our pricing 

Ramp's free plan helps you control spend, automate payments, and rapidly close your books. For finance teams with complex operations that need greater customization, Ramp Plus is available for $15 per person a month.


Tipalti is another software platform that handles global payments and AP workflows. It provides operational, compliance, and financial controls to ensure accurate payments. Customers include GoDaddy and Roku. Tipalti has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on G2, where it’s deemed suitable for mid-market companies.  

Key features

  • Mass payments with payout solutions for gig, ad tech, freelance, and marketplaces
  • Mobile-ready integrated expenses and global reimbursements
  • Invoice and bill management, with the ability to tag team members with a bill 
  • Procurement and supplier management
  • Purchase order management and multiple currency management 

Why people choose Tipalti over BILL

G2 is a business software review site with thousands of business reviews. According to one G2 reviewer who was transitioning from a bank’s treasury platform, Tipalti gave them better payment management and visibility than BILL.


Pricing starts at $129 per month for the platform fee.


Stampli is an AP automation platform that brings together communications, documentation, and payments.  Stampli’s AI helps to simplify general ledger and costing-related coding, automate approval and verification flows, identify duplicate invoices, and reduce manual data entry. Stampli integrates with NetSuite, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP. Stampli is rated 4.7 out of 5 on G2 and is classified as suitable for mid-market companies. 


  • Automate invoice capture, coding, and approvals
  • Vendor management, covering onboarding, information, and documentation
  • Two-way and three-way PO matching, plus partial amounts and line item adjustments
  • Process and pay invoices across departments, offices, companies, or locations
  • One-click access to invoice conversations and activities to support audits

Why people choose Stampli over BILL

G2 reviewers appreciate Stampli's continuous product improvements and innovations, compared to BILL and Tipalti.


Stampli provides month-to-month pricing, without an annual contract.


Airbase offers procurement software to help companies manage requests, payment, and reconciliation. The software has features for key business processes and accounting needs, such as multi-subsidiaries, and purchase order (PO) matching. Airbase is rated 4.8 out of five on G2 and is classified as most suitable for mid-market companies. 


  • Automatic audit trail with the ability to retrieve documentation for booking or an audit
  • Accounting automation covering categories, amortization, and payment dates
  • Invoice processing and payment from a single dashboard
  • Real-time reporting, with all spend activities captured as they occur 
  • Receipt management, with a dedicated email for submissions.

Why people choose Airbase over BILL

A G2 reviewer said Airbase’s AP automation and bill payments functionality enabled faster bill processing than the firm had with BILL.

Airbase pricing

Airbase offers standard, premium, and enterprise quotes for firms with 200 to 5,000 employees.  


Corpay provides bill payment, AP automation, cross-border payments, forex risk management, and cards. Part of Fleetcor, Corpay is rated 4.5 out of five on G2 and is classified as most suitable for mid-market businesses.

Key features

  • Payment approval and execution workflows through a user-friendly interface
  • Security and fraud monitoring alongside real-time purchase notifications
  • Foreign and domestic payments via check, wire, ACH, and virtual card
  • Paper-free reports, coding, approvals, and reconciliation.

Why people choose Corpay over BILL

A G2 reviewer said Corpay has simplified their vendor payments and offers more payment options compared to BILL.

Corpay pricing

Corpay plus plans start at $69 a month, pro plans come in at $129 a month, while premium plans cost $209 a month. Corpay also provides custom pricing.


MineralTree provides AP and payment automation solutions and claims to drive meaningful insights and help back offices partner with corner offices. MineralTree is rated 4.5 out of five on G2 and is deemed a good fit for mid-market companies.

Key features

  • Automatically capture and code header and line-level data, and scale invoice volume
  • Route invoices to approvers for review and approval, with automated reminders
  • Schedule payments and mitigate fraud risks with built-in payment controls
  • Optimized payment mix to minimize transaction costs and maximize rebates

Why people choose MineralTree over BILL

G2 reviewers recommended MineralTree for companies that do not need major vendor management and tax features. They described MineralTree as a ‘middle ground’ between BILL and Tipalti.

MineralTree pricing

MineralTree provides custom quotes for companies seeking to use its products. 

Find the right fit for bill pay, expenses, and finance automation

If you're looking for tools to help you streamline all areas of your finance operations, look beyond BILL. The best finance tools can now do much more than make life easier for the back office. They can help companies find savings across all payables—including card spend, reimbursements, procurement, and more. Learn how Ramp can help you drive greater spend efficiency, turn expenses into a source of savings, and build up cash reserves.

Try Ramp for free.
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How Ramp helped Viking Well Service institute a more efficient expense management process

“Having the purchase order and bills all in one place just makes a whole lot more sense for the type of business that Viking’s doing, because you can simplify it down to a one-line-item type deal. That’s really important for control purposes, for visibility."
Chris Lowdermilk, Senior Controller, Viking Well Service

How Ramp Procurement helped NPHY simplify, save time, and improve transparency

“Before Ramp Procurement, requests could take up to a month. Now the process is complete in a matter of days, meaning we can get much needed supplies and focus on delivering care to our clients (teenagers in crisis) faster.”
Michelle LaBonney, Director of Finance & Operations, Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth

How Betterment manages corporate spend for five entities with Ramp

“With Ramp, we can save rules directly to the card. Transactions from any of our monthly vendors come in already coded, so that’s been a huge time saver.”
Marianne Hawes, Senior Accountant, Betterment

How Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law prepared for scale with Ramp

"I used to have to call our card provider and sit on the phone for a couple hours a week, I don’t have to do that with Ramp.”
Wayne Robinson, CFO, Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law

How Ramp helped Smart City Apartment Locating save time, expedite month close, and grow sustainably

"Five to 15 hours each month of non-value-add activities are off my plate. I’m able to be a strategic advisor versus just a tactical manager when it comes to spend management.”
Dustin Walsted, VP Finance, Smart City Apartment Locating

How TaskHuman built their runway with Ramp

“I’ve pretty much seen or used everything that’s out there, everything does something Ramp does, but nothing does everything Ramp does.”
Matthew Ferguson, Controller, TaskHuman

How First Tee transformed its bookkeeping and saved time with PwC and Ramp

"The efficiency of using PwC Bookkeeping Connect, coupled with the Ramp platform, has probably been about 75% time savings. Instead of every hour I would have had to spend on bookkeeping, I’m probably having to spend maybe 10 or 15 minutes.”
Dan Burke, CEO, First Tee San Francisco