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I’m thrilled to share that Buyer is joining Ramp. By combining Buyer’s saving and procurement expertise with Ramp’s powerful finance automation platform, we’ll help businesses grow even faster. 

To all the Buyer customers, my deepest thanks for supporting our journey over the last 1.5 years. The best part of building Buyer was getting to work with amazing companies and supporting your growth. 


Let me share what’s next for the Buyer team.

What we set out to achieve with Buyer

The idea for Buyer initially came out of a collaboration with Tiny Capital to help companies in their portfolio optimize their SaaS and infrastructure bills. In the first few months, we set Tiny on a path to save millions over the next few years. 

When we launched Buyer to the broader public in July 2020, our goal was simple: help companies save time and money by negotiating better rates for their software. 

Our service found instant traction because SaaS pricing is a total black box once companies reach a certain size. Everyone knows they’re overpaying for their software but nobody knows how to unlock better pricing. For those who do know, they don’t have the time to research and negotiate with vendors. Companies need a procurement team but typically de-prioritize it until the problem is too great. Once a procurement team is set up, they are playing defense for the next 6-12 months. 

Buyer gave businesses instant access to an on-demand procurement team, no matter their size. We helped our customers maximize the value of their purchases by finding them savings on new procurement, contract renewals, and existing spend. On average, customers saved an average of 27.3% across all of their software purchases negotiated by Buyer, which represented millions of dollars in savings.    

Scaling our reach with Ramp     

Now software is an even bigger line item in company budgets as work has gone remote—in fact, it’s the largest expense category for most companies after payroll. Optimizing that spend is more crucial than ever.  

As a company, we had to ask ourselves: what was the best way for us to scale Buyer and help as many businesses as possible? The answer was clear: the fastest way for us to scale was to join forces with a similarly-minded company—a company like Ramp. 

Ramp’s mission is to help companies save time and money and I can’t think of another company whose mission is so completely aligned with what we originally set out to do with Buyer. Ramp helps companies save by automating their spend management; Buyer does the same by helping companies negotiate. 

My original launch tweet sharing Buyer’s mission

Over 2,000 customers use Ramp’s corporate card and financial automation platform. They love Ramp’s software because it detects when businesses have opportunities to lower their pricing, remove duplicate subscriptions, consolidate redundant tools, and more. These insights have already generated $16M in direct savings for customers to date. 

By joining Ramp, Buyer will extend the platform’s benefits and actively help customers secure these savings. We’ll augment our existing spend data with the millions of transactions on the Ramp platform to provide best-in-class procurement and price intelligence.

Helping businesses grow 

Our team couldn’t be more excited about joining Ramp to continue our mission of helping businesses grow.

If you’re in the market for a corporate card with built-in expense management, accounting, and price intelligence, all on one easy-to-use and free platform, check out Ramp. And stay tuned for more news on how we’ll integrate Buyer even more deeply into Ramp's product offering before the end of the year.

Try Ramp for free.
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Head of Savings, Ramp
Kimia currently leads Ramp's negotiation product team and is a serial entrepreneur who previously exited two other companies, and Ghostit Content. The teams he leads focus on helping businesses with efficient software procurement through identifying areas of excessive spend and negotiating the best price on customers’ behalf. Under his leadership, Ramp launched an AI-powered Price Intelligence tool, which helps businesses understand whether they’re paying a fair price on software. Kimia studied Economics and Business at the University of Victoria and University of British Columbia.
Ramp is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes make informed decisions. We adhere to strict editorial guidelines to ensure that our content meets and maintains our high standards.


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